My name is Jen Lawrence, and I am the founder and designer of MUMMY ELLA. 

I accidentally started my jewelry brand, Big Daddy Ella, during my music career, in 2014. After spending hours, looking for the right accessories for my stage outfits, and not finding them, I decided to make my own. To my surprise, everyone around me started asking me about them, and wanting a custom made piece for themselves too. And with that, Big Daddy Ella became a business.

5 years, some wonderful collaborations, and many pop-up and in-store sales later, I am a mum of 8 month old twins. Since I love my boys and care for what goes in their mouth especially  in their current teething phase, I can count the days I’ve gotten to wear my Big Daddy Ella jewelry, on one hand. With this in mind, I decided to launch a new jewelry line dedicated to the ladies, who absolutely would sacrifice style for their little ones well being and comfort, but are still dreaming of that day they get to wear their favorite, non-baby friendly, jewelry again.

I’d like to give you Mummy Ella, to hopefully help you bridge that gap.